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WordPress 2024: The Complete WordPress Website Course with Internship

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About Course

Become a WordPress expert – Build any dynamic WordPress website without programming with WordPress custom post types.


Step 1: Payment – Complete the enrollment payment process.
Step 2: Email Confirmation – Watch for an email containing essential course details.
Step 3: WhatsApp Group – Join the dedicated WhatsApp group using the link provided in the email.
Step 4: Meeting Links – Receive meeting links via email and WhatsApp for live sessions; click to join.

What Will You Learn?

  • How WordPress works and why it uses PHP as its primary language.
  • You will learn in detail about Domain, Hosting, and Xampp for running WordPress
  • Manual and Auto Installation of WordPress
  • Creation and integration of databases with WordPress
  • WordPress Basic Settings
  • How to Choose a Perfect WordPress theme for your business
  • How to build a personal/resume site with WordPress
  • What are the WordPress plugins and how to use them
  • How to build professional blogs with WordPress
  • How to build a Corporate style business website with WordPress
  • How to set up an eCommerce site (online store) and sell your products using WordPress and WooCommerce
  • What is Paypal and how to integrate WordPress with API to receive payments
  • What is Stripe and how to integrate WordPress with API to receive Credit Card Payments
  • How to register your custom post type in WordPress
  • How to add custom fields in WordPress
  • How to build a template in WordPress
  • How to build archive templates in WordPress
  • How to optimize your WordPress website for SEO

Course Content

Week 1: Understanding the Basics and Setting Up WordPress

  • Day 1: Introduction to WordPress
  • Day 2: Introduction to WordPress
  • Day 3: Navigating the WordPress Dashboard
  • Day 4: Navigating the WordPress Dashboard
  • Day 5: Exploring WordPress Features
  • Day 6: Exploring WordPress Features
  • Day 7: Exploring WordPress Features

Week 2: Content Creation and Management
Understanding the difference between pages and posts Creating and managing pages Creating and managing posts Proper use of categories and tags Organizing content effectively Avoiding common pitfalls with categories and tags

Week 3: Design and Customization
Introduction to WordPress themes Installing and activating themes Customizing themes using the WordPress Customizer Building and managing navigation menus Creating custom menus for better user experience Optimizing navigation for search engines

Week 4: Advanced Topics and Security
Understanding the importance of plugins Installing and activating plugins Exploring essential plugins for security, SEO, and more Protecting your WordPress website from hackers and spammers Best security practices Regular backups and updates Creating a static homepage or a blog-like homepage Building a responsive website that looks good on any device Final tips and tricks for a successful WordPress website

Project1: Lets Build a Personal website with WordPress
Designing the header Making header transparent Designing About Me Section Designing Services and Social Section Designing CTA section Adding a popup Contact Form in Popup Adding about link Doing the Mobile Optimization

All about Online Server (Web Hosting and Domain)
Introduction to online server Preview Getting the Domain and Web Hosting Setting up the hosting 07:58hPanel Overview Xampp Transfer Part 1 Xampp Transfer Part 2 Bug Fixing Domain email part 1 (creating first email account) Domain email part 2 (Admin access) Email part 3 (Contact Form) Email part 4 (Mobile App Overview) Menu Settings SSL Sub Domain Addon Domain Addon Domain (different registrar) Sub Domain for 2nd Project Lets Recall Older Version of The Complete WordPress Website Course Lectures

Project2: Lets build a corporate Business Site
4 Methods to start this project Setting up the website, logo, Pages, header and topbar Web Design Essential: Logo Design Disable Flexbox Containers before starting this project Designing the homepage part 1 Designing the homepage part 2 Designing the homepage part 3 Designing the about page Part 1 Designing the about page Part 2 Designing the Services Page Designing the Contact Page Mobile and Tablet Optimization for Home Page Mobile and Tablet Optimization for About Page Mobile and Tablet Optimization for Services and Contact Page Mobile Menu and iPhone Link fix

Project 3: Blog
What a blog is Disable the flexbox container feature before starting this project Category comments and Posts Adding more posts Before starting the next lecture, install this plugin Working with Menus and Sidebar Working with different themes Customizing header and some color tips Creating an archive template Designing the Archive Template Designing the single post Theme Designing the rest of the archive pages template Tags Mobile and Tablet Optimization

Project 4: eCommerce Website
Introduction Setting up the website Setting up the shop, cart, checkout and my account pages How to add a product to your site? General and Product Settings Tax Settings Setting up the shipping methods (local pickup, DHL, FedEX) for multiple country Payment Settings and Paypal sandbox Accounts and Email Settings Integration and Advance Settings Categories and Tags Simple Product and Product Meta Variable Products Grouped and Affiliate Product Virtual and Downloadable Products Lets Recall Importing Dummy Products Before starting the next lecture, install this plugin Bug fixes and Widgets Designing the website Featured Products Power of shortcodes How themes play their role in Woocommerce Disable Flexbox containers before starting the next lecture Using page builders in any theme Customizing the theme WooCommerce theme settings part 1 WooCommerce theme settings part 2 Designing the header of homepage Adding a latest product Slider Importing premade slider layouts Integrating wishlist Designing the my account and wishlist menu (CSS code in next lecture) CSS Code for My Account and Wishlist Menu Designing my Account page CSS Code for My Account custom design Designing cart, wishlist and checkout pages IMPORTANT! Please read this before watching the next lecture Designing the Archive Template Designing the single product theme part 1 Designing the single product theme part 2 Adding Animation to Single Product theme Why you should use a blank theme instead of pre-made theme Designing the header for Blank Theme Top bar Design Converting post search to product type search jQuery code for product type search Creating the Custom footer Image Flipper and infinite Scroll Creating custom sidebar Designing homepage Part 1 Designing homepage Part 2 Designing homepage Part 3 Global colors and Woocommerce color settings CSS for woocommerce Attributes and Variation Swatches Mobile Optimization for Home Page Mobile Optimization for Archive template Mobile Optimization for cart checkout and my account Mobile Optimization for single product template Mobile Optimization for Header and Footer End of Section

Custom Post Type
What is a custom Post Type Creating a Custom Post Type Adding Taxonomies Custom Fields Custom Fields Part 2

Project 5: Real Estate Website
Introduction to the Final Project Before starting this project, disable the flexbox containers Please read this before watching the next lecture Creating single template for Property Creating single template for Property part 2 Disabling Gutenberg and part 3 Property Image field Property agent email with contact form integration Category (core) bug fix Things you should do before building archive page Creating main archive Page and menus Building a template for archive Page Creating a custom loop template part 1 Creating a custom loop template part 2 Search Form integration for custom post type Serach code jQuery Z index effects Related Custom posts in single archive Page Custom Fields in taxonomies Custom template for taxonomy How to add conditions based on custom fields Mobile Optimization for Archive and header Mobile Optimization for single template Mobile optimization for Home Page Mobile Optimization for Custom Archive template Pagination CSS code for Pagination

SEO Crash Course
What you will learn in this section How google knows what your website is all about? How to choose and plan your keywords What pages are necessary in a website WordPress and SEO Installing SEO plugin General settings of SEO Single post (page, product, custom post type) SEO Breadcrumbs Submission of website and sitemaps to search engines

Bonus Section
Bonus Lecture

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